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Empowered by Hope, Ha's captivating story of her life in Viet Nam, escape from an oppressive regime, and her struggle and triumph in her new country. Beautifully told, with her father's inspiring philosophy woven throughout, this book will keep you laughing and crying, but most of all, it will leave you inspired!

Imagine being brought up in luxurious wealth, only to find yourself first in a refugee camp and then a penniless immigrant in a country half-way around the world from where you were born! How would you cope?

When Ha Tran found herself in this situation she remembered her beloved father's wise words and used them to build a life for her family and herself. Ha tells her story of struggle and triumph in this inspiring book. She weaves her father's profound, yet simple wisdom into the true story of her escape from the Communist regime in Viet Nam, living in a refugee camp, and starting life over in the United States.

You will be moved and awed by what Ha has accomplished and inspired by how she demonstrates that "Hope is living with a promise in your heart." Visit Ha's Facebook page.


"Ha Tran’s Empowered by Hope is the compelling, aching account of how quickly things can turn upside down in life. Ha Tran, is a woman who overcame the most insurmountable odds of survival and had the fortitude, perseverance and integrity to strive to be better, no matter the obstacle."
~ Tracy Valletti, BFA, ADPC, Leisure Program Director Ledgewood Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center Beverly, MA

Paul Lawrence Vann"Empowered by Hope is an incredible book and one I highly recommend to readers all over the world. Ha Tran has written an amazing book that help people overcome the odds, to ultimately triumph over adversity. I challenge everyone to read Ha Tran’s book and you will be transported to another place and time, you will be compelled to turn the page to find out what happens next to Ha, her husband and children. Empowered by Hope is a transformative book in that it represents the realization of the American Dream through the experience of a Vietnamese Boat people survivors. Ha’s book is mesmerizing and you won’t want to put it down, ask my wife and I. Here’s to Ha Tran, a real American hero."
~ Paul Lawrence Vann, Speaker, Author, Talk Radio Show Host – Washington, DC

Jeff Croll, Deep Blue Discoveries"The one trait essential for success in life is perseverance. Persevering through obstacle after obstacle, fueled by her dreams and determination, Ha left her native country and came to America to achieve great success. Through her book, “Empowered By Hope”, Ha beautifully illustrates how the character trait of persistence can dramatically transform and improve one’s life. When you apply persistence and hope as Ha has done, your life can be transformed also – Read her book and you will see how obstacles are actually stepping stones to success."
~ Jeff Croll, Deep Blue Discoveries

The 1001 Inspiration Quotes & Then SomeGet a free copy "The 1001 Inspiration Quotes & Then Some"
Would you like a free e-book of motivational quotes? Please let us know at hatran@hope-empowered.com. I was born into a “fortune cookie” house: Inspirational quotes and Confucius’ sayings were posted everywhere. My father believes in conducting yourself with truthfulness, integrity, kindness, generosity and doing your best in everything you do. He instilled his wisdom in me while I was growing up. It was great to be raised in that kind of environment. It gave me a success-oriented mindset early on. As important as food and drink are to my body, quotes feed my eyes, ears and mind. Remember: “When you face a problem, solve it then and there if you have the facts necessary to make a decision. Don’t keep putting off decisions." ~ Ha Tran


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