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Jennifer Carey, Serene Healing"I just finished Empowered by Hope. I wanted to take my time reading it because it's one of those books that's full of wisdom that's fruitful to chew on. I found it to be real, uplifting and inspiring. I think it's great for people who may be feeling stuck or feeling powerless on the pathway to their dreams. It reminds us that we are... a lot more powerful than we realize and even in the most challenging circumstances there is strength within us and around us; strength through family and strangers. Dear Ha, thank you for inspiring us with your amazing story of overcoming obstacles, wise father and outstanding accomplishments."
~ Jennifer Carey, Serene Healing

Paul Swart, Chelsea Kiwanis President"If you are looking for a powerful inspirational message... Ha will be able to deliver a very powerful message for your audience. Her message of hope is the compelling, aching account of how her life changed drastically with the fall of Saigon. Ha Tran, is a woman who overcame the most insurmountable odds of survival and had the fortitude, perseverance and integrity to strive for a better life. Her story will touch your heart."
~ Paul Swart, Chelsea Kiwanis President
~ Paul F. Swart, Jr. Vice President, Retail Services Metro Credit Union
   200 Revere Beach Pkwy Chelsea, MA 02150

Rebecca R. Rooney Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur GrowinBizKids, Inc."Ha Tran is an inspiring and eloquent author and speaker. Her story and the lessons she has learned from her father promote the values that success and greatness are made of. Empowered by Hope is a definite 'must read'!"
~ Rebecca R. Rooney Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur GrowinBizKids, Inc.

Matthew Nathaniel, Owner, OADT PRODUCTIONS "In the short space of time I have known Ha Tran, I have found her to be a person that can always see the possibility of a positive outcome. The way she articulates her speeches may have her audience laughing, crying and thinking but by the time she closes she will have you hoping again in lost dreams and believing they are possible to achieve. I recommend Ha to those who are looking for a speaker to motivate and bring hope."
~ Matthew Nathaniel, Owner, OADT PRODUCTIONS

Gary Loper, Crystal Pathways, Inc,. St Petersburg, FL"Empowered by Hope is compelling story of a father's hope to provide his daughter, Ha Tran, a new life, freedom and hope for a better life than what he saw possible in their native homeland of Vietnam in the mid '70's. Sacrificing whatever he had left to insure Ha's freedom. Honoring her father's words and love Ha, came to the US and dedicated herself to achieve the vision her father had in mind for her and keep his words of wisdom alive as she made a new home for her family. Ha's story is moving and a wonderful reminder that we indeed live in a land of opportunity and we can create a new world for ourselves and honor the sacrifice others have made for us to achieve all of our dreams and share the message to stay empowered by hope everyday. Listening to Ha share her story, you will be on the edge of your seat, tissue in hand and moved to bring new hope into your life."
~ Gary Loper, Crystal Pathways, Inc,. St Petersburg, FL

Daniel Rooney Children’s, Financial Success Expert "Ha is truly a caring, sincere, straightforward passionate individual whose perseverance is amazingly exquisite. Her journey from opulence to oppression to the freedom she knows today has not only inspired me to believe in myself that much more, but will also remain forever in my heart. Thanks Ha for sharing your inspiring story with me through your incredible book, Empowered by Hope."
~ Daniel Rooney Children’s, Financial Success Expert

Jennifer Touma, Mindscape, President"Ha's real life story is an inspiration to all. This is especially true to individuals who want their dreams to come true but quit before they achieve it because their journey too challenging. Ha displayed strength, hope, and a never quit attitude. More people would have what they want if they too, did not quit"
~ Jennifer Touma, Mindscape, President

Caryl Loper - Chrysalis Graphics & Writing • Blog • About • Graphic Design"Ha Tran has the capacity to view the world through the eyes of compassion and understanding. She embraces deep and meaningful philosophical concepts modeled after her father’s teachings. Her life started out as privileged; and at an early age, it was stripped away. Leaving her native land was just the beginning as she encountered many adversities. It was her father’s legacy that empowered her to build trust and hope for a better life. Some individuals would have chosen hatred and bitterness; and yet, some seek acceptance and peace, learning powerful lessons from their experiences. Ha Tran’s story is about just that, embracing her lessons, the powerful destiny of living a life through the eyes of hope, survival, love and triumph."
~ Caryl Loper - Chrysalis Graphics & Writing • Blog • About • Graphic Design

Troy D. Smith"Having Ha Tran as a coach is a gift of great value. Her honesty, strategic thinking, and emphasis on action has challenged me to take control of my time, energy, and to truly honor my goal of expanding my business. Ha’s coaching approach is done with compassion, but she also has the courage to tell it like it is. In the process, I have developed greater accountability for my personal success and business aspirations. During a month of working with Ha, I experienced major personal breakthroughs that enriched my life and the success of my company."
~ Troy D. Smith, Positive Vision Speaking and Consulting

Debby Hoffman"Thank you for presenting at our February, 2009, In the Presence of Positive Women luncheon. You were (and are) phenomenal. Your story of overcoming incredible odds, of having faith and courage, was awesome. There were tears, laughs and cheers as we, the women (and one guy) in the room, hung on to every word of your story. What an honor to hear you speak. You are a treasure."
~ Debby Hoffman, CEO, In the Presence of Positive Women.Award Winning Humorist, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host www.jigsawconsulting.org

Dave Cohe"Ha Tran’s unforgettable and courageous story of how she escaped from a communist regime country to live in America is one of hope. This professional speaker now empowers us with that hope so that we can totally fulfill our lives."
~ Dave Cohen, Founder of WellSpoken www.wellspoken.biz

Paul Fischer"As an author, speaker and coach, Ha delivers a powerful message of hope to her audience. She follows through by helping her clients to develop a plan and then to successfully implement it. She helps her clients to become focused and confident with a clear direction."
~ Paul Fischer, P.E. www.FischerEngineering.us

Jo Anne Corrao"In January of 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer... she gave me the peace of mind that I needed to fight my battle and win. She is truly an inspiration and my rock, thank you Ha, I love you!"
~ Jo Anne Corrao, Precision Roofing Services of N.E. Inc. wwwprecisionroofing.us

"Recently, my life took a turn I never expected to take. I experienced hardship and heartache... Divorce! I was scared and felt emotionally unprepared. My self esteem and confidence had been pretty much beat up by now... I had the opportunity to meet and work with Ha Tran! She taught me to stand tall. She quoted her father and his philosophies often. I enjoyed re-designing myself through her inspiration, energy and leadership. Her optimism and business savvy were truly a gift... By being inspired to be all I could be and taught how to choose better directions, I can now provide for my family in the way they deserve. Thank you, Ha Tran!
~ Judi, Gloucester, MA

Dr. Sithembile (Stem) Mahlatin"A true message of Hope Ha Tran is truly an inspiration to both men and women. Her message of hope displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. After watching her give numerous talks, it is apparent that she has excellent presentation skills and humor that touches people from all walks of life, as well as a message of hope that will inspire and motivate any audience."
~ Dr. Sithembile (Stem) Mahlatini,Global Coaching & Consulting Services www.globalcoachconsulting.com

Iris Weaver"Working with Ha Tran gives you wings. She takes your doubts and impediments and helps you reach past them. She doesn’t do the work for you, but partners with you for success. Ha has a wealth of experience both in business and in coping with life’s difficulties which she shares generously. She is a gifted teacher and coach.

Ha has an amazing ability to find what works for a particular person. She pays attention to work style and personality and makes suggestions based on these tailored to the individual. This individualized method cuts out frustration and unnecessary effort and gives a person tools that truly work for them. It also makes the individual feel recognized and capable, giving them confidence and energy to succeed.

She comes from a place of absolute respect for the person she is working with, and always uses positive encouragement and reinforcement. She keeps me moving forward by pointing out what I have done well and if there is something that needs critiquing she is gentle and respectful. When you have worked with Ha you feel better about yourself and excited about what you can do.

What I love about working with Ha is her ability to listen and understand what I am struggling with. She guides me to find solutions and ways of implementing them, then continues to encourage me and hold me accountable for results. She is available for a quick consult when I need encouragement or to ask a question.

In the months I’ve been working with Ha I have become more professional, begun developing workable systems for my business, and perhaps most important, have developed my belief that I can and will succeed. I know that Ha cares about whether I succeed or fail, and that she is always ready to celebrate my successes, however large or small."
~ Iris Weaver, Spiritual Herbalist, Educator, Healer

"My Sisterhood in Gloucester was also fortunate enough to be Empowered by Hope by Ha Tran."
~ Denise Holender, President of Sisterhood in Gloucester

"Ha, What a pleasure was to have you at our school to share your story. Many students and teachers have come up to me to say how much you touched their lives. You are a true inspiration. I talked to the teacher that had the sub. yesterday and he was so sorry he missed the workshop because the kids talked so highly of you. Thank you so much."
~ Sue Krause – Library Teacher, Manchester Essex Regional Middle High School
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